Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Email to DH

Sent: Tues 4/07/09 1:42 pm

Subject: this day ROCKS

... and not just because it's BURRITO NIGHT! (But it IS burrito night, yippee!)

So I was at the library checking out a classic work of fiction by [insert respectable author's name here] when I noticed a yellow flier next to the computer. On Saturday May 2, our library is hosting a "Romance Extravaganza" event with various authors. The keynote speaker is none other than AMANDA QUICK!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is going to give a speech and then sign her new book that comes out on April 21.

I AM SO THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (have I used enough exclamation points yet?) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also just heard back that I am going to be the Vice Chair of Fundraising at the preschool starting in June. And the MOM'S Club asked me if I would be the Mom's Night Out Coordinator next year and organize one event each month for that. I think I'm going to do it. I'm so ACTIVE in the community!

Miss you!


Yes, yesterday totally rocked. The foundation for such a great day was that we have been granted a temporary reprieve from that teething bullcrap, and the little munchkin is happy again! No clinging to mommy all day, he played and giggled and danced and explored. As a mother, I don't think there is anything better than when your child is smiling. That in itself would have been enough to make an awesome day, but no, it got even awesomer!

As you read above, it was indeed burrito night at our household. A weekly event that usually occurs on Monday, we pushed it to Tuesday this week because we had pizza for the big game on Monday (which we will just gloss right over, thanks). I look forward to dinner from the moment I roll out of bed on those days, it keeps me motivated. You have not had a burrito until you've had my DH's burrito.

*ahem* Moving on...

My amazing library discovery. Amanda Quick is hands down my favorite historical romance novelist. I have read every single one of her 25 releases. She just so happens to live in Seattle (because like my day, Seattle ROCKS) and she has a new book coming out this month. Now I get to meet her in person and have her sign a copy for me. !!!!!!!!!!!! I am almost as excited to meet her as I was Columbo!

And of course my new positions at the preschool and in the MOM'S Club. Although both activities are still mom-focused, I'm looking forward to building stronger relationships out here and doing something outside of the usual daily duties. Our list of local friends with young kids is still pretty thin at the moment (although quality above quantity, right Jen?), and DH has informed me that I am currently our only hope for a social life. I guess there's slim pickin's among the enginerd crowd at the moment.

Let's talk TV. This was the only disappointment in my day. We had DVRed "Surviving Suburbia" with Bob Saget. I know what you are thinking, "How could a sitcom starring BOB SAGET be a disappointment?" I was shocked myself. Especially when the main character is a grumpy, defeated suburban Dad whose wife patronizes him and whose kids don't respect him. Super fun, right? But it was so horrible, I stopped watching and deleted it after 15 minutes, which I never do. Heck, I've even made it through two whole episodes of "In the Motherhood." Yep, that show is terrible too, I've removed it from my DVR list. If you believe the writers, stay-at-home moms are more concerned with appearing to be good mothers than actually being them, and working moms only see their kids on weekends and are completely out of touch with their needs and preferences. Let the hilarity ensue! As parents in suburbia, DH and I really appreciate having sitcoms to remind us just how miserable we really are. Because wow, I thought we actually liked our life! *gasp*

At least I still have the "Parks and Recreation" premiere tomorrow, although my hopes are mediocre at best. Oh, and there is always this show to look forward to. Because there's nothing more entertaining than watching people's lives crumble as they are stripped of their livelihood on national television, in a recession no less! I'm snickering right now just thinking about it. Speaking of television, did you happen to catch my man Adam Lambert on American Idol last night? (You might be able to see a video clip of it here.) It was so amazing, and I almost lost it when Simon gave him a standing ovation. *sniff sniff* Go Adam!!!

And now on to the pics.

Our hands-down favorite Bean pose is when he puts his hands behind his head. He does it at various times, often when I put him down in his crib to sleep or when he takes a pause to chew during a meal. I was finally able to capture it on film.

I don't remember why he was nakey, but he was definitely feeling the freedom. He rocked out to the music of his activity table, complete with hip shakin' and leg bouncin'.

My little Beethoven.


Rhonda said...

If you're looking for a funny TV show, check out The Big Bang Theory. It always makes us laugh.

Kristina P. said...

He's a natural musician!

And I'm glad you got to meet your favorite author. I am ashamed to admit that I have never heard of her.

Jen said...

And with me there is nothing but quality...LOL!

After seeing Bob Saget's comedy special a while back I just can't see him in another sitcom as the suburban dad again. And I was quite the Full House fan as a kid complete with it's sappy music and heart to heart conversations at the end of every episode.

Coffeegrl said...

Again I *heart* libraries. Sounds like a great panel! Let us know how it goes... :)

Oh and burrito night sounds like heaven to me!

AJ said...

Nathan does the same thing with his hands behind his head - that's how he sleeps ALL the time!

Michelle said...

I totally agree about those shows. They suck! And I also agree with Rhonda Big Bang Theory is hilarious! That is awesome about your favorite author. How cool is that!

Red said...

Love the pose!!!

Soxy Deb said...

Ha! Love his pose. He's chillaxed.

I want a burritto now. Just sayin.

Congrats to you on your new position! Sounds awesome!