Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lazy Town

It's a lazy day around here. I want nothing more than to curl up in bed and read my latest indulgence, or better yet cuddle on the couch with Bean and watch one of our 'flix. I'm not sure why the low motivation -- I'm actually feeling quite upbeat and happy underneath it. We survived illnesses and DH's poorly timed business trips. Bean has acquired new habits that make us laugh constantly, like giving an appreciative "(yu)mmmmm" when he takes a bite of food, making a thirst-quenched "ahhhhhh" sound before and after he drinks his juice, and clapping enthusiastically when DH walks in the door from work. I blame the laziness on the crappy weather. I have a secret to share: It's not always sunny in Seattle. In fact, it's often gray and rainy, like it has been for the past... oh... six months. But shhhh! You didn't hear that from me.

Despite the draw to stay in my sweats and lounge around all day, Bean and I were starting to get restless, so I had to come up with something to do. First, it was bath time. I decided to make things more interesting by ditching the inflatable ducky and putting him directly in the bathtub. Which then reminded me why I haven't done that before: I never clean the bathtub. After a quick scrub, I ran the water and plopped in the Bean. He seemed to wonder what happened to his ducky, but he liked it just fine. Then Evey kept whining and scratching at the side of the tub. She was still fluffy clean from her own bath last night, and the water was shallow enough that she'd hardly get even her paws wet, so I tossed her in with the baby. Turns out she just wanted to drink the bath water. After a quick taste, she wisely decided it wasn't for her and just stood there uncomfortably while Bean babbled at her and pet her. It was super cute, and I wished I had my camera handy. But despite my many questionable parenting decisions (dog in the bath with the baby, anyone?), I do have the brains not to run out of the bathroom to grab it. Maybe next time I'll be prepared.

Then I called DH at work to complain about my conflicting desires to both do absolutely nothing whatsoever and yet not die of boredom. He suggested that we meet for lunch, but he checked his calendar and quickly made up saw that he had a noon meeting. After we hung up, it occurred to me that what he was really saying was I think you and Bean should go out for lunch, so off we went to our favorite teriyaki joint (of course!). The owner lavished Bean with attention appropriate for his level of outrageous adorableness while we munched on beef teriyaki. Halfway through the meal, she brought out some steamed carrots -- on the house -- for my munchkin. I didn't have the heart (nor the words, she doesn't speak much English) to tell her that I stopped ordering them for him because he suddenly hates them. So instead I thanked her gratefully, shoveled them in my own mouth when she was in the back, and left a tip in the jar on our way out. Heading back to la casa, we passed the library, and I considered going in just for kicks... but I was too lazy. And I also considered hitting Target for a spring jacket for Bean... but again, too lazy. Maybe next week.

I'll tell you one thing we could be doing today but aren't -- seeing the Easter Bunny. When Bean and I were cruising around the mall on Tuesday, I spotted the giant rabbit reclining in his giant rabbit chair and thought, "What better way to honor Jesus's crucifixion and resurrection than putting Bean on some costumed stranger's lap and letting him scream his head off while we pay through the nose to take home a souvenir photo!" DH still hasn't forgiven me for taking Bean to see Santa without him, and even worse, for snipping off the tiny rat tail on Bean's hair while he was at work ("I missed his first HAIRCUT!"), so of course I asked DH if the three of us could go see the Easter Bunny this weekend. His response: "Really? You want to take him to see the Easter Bunny? I didn't even know people did that until you showed me that picture of the scariest Easter Bunny ever. I never went to see him growing up. It sounds like a waste of $25 to me." My reply: "So you don't mind if we go without you during the week, then?" His answer: "No, you can't go without me! If you do take him, I am going too." Me: "So you don't think I should take him, but if I do, you want to go?" Him: "Exactly." Right, and it's women who always get a bad rap for being contradictory. Anyway, maybe we'll go this weekend... if it doesn't conflict with the Spartan game, of course.

As laziness does not breed interesting pictures, I don't have many to share. But here are a few I took of Bean and Evey. My Mom asked for a picture of the both of them for her fridge, and although getting my toddler and dog to look decent at the same moment as the camera snaps is about as challenging as capturing Bigfoot on film, I endeavor anyway. Because I love my Mom.

BTW, to anyone who has seen "Lazy Town" on Noggin... why is that the name of the town? I thought they were supposed to be all active and stuff? And does anyone else have a minicrush on Sporticus?


Kristina P. said...

He looks so happy with that cute puppy!

Michelle said...

Those pictures are so so so cute! I am glad everyone is feeling better!

Red said...

That is wonderful that your hubby is so keen to do all of the 'firsts' with you guys.

I don't understand why it is called Lazy Town either since they all seem so hyped up and so not lazy. Sporticus is a little creepy though!

lisawitt said...

omg, I SO wish I could have seen a pic of the dog in the tub with Danny! TOO FUNNY!

I dont know why its called Lazy Town either but that show freaks me out...that and Yo Gabba Gabba, yikes!

momofonefornow said...

My kiddo loves Lazy Town. It is called Lazy Town because before Sporticus and Stephanie came to town, everyone was very lazy. They transformed the town. How sweet.

As far as crushing on Sporticus, not really. Jen from The Petersons Go Public is in that camp.

I am so going to post a pic of my kiddo with Sporticus goggles on very, very soon. He wants to wear the things all the time.

Soxy Deb said...

Ahhhh! I love the pics! That little boy just gets cuter every day. And Evey's a furry bundle of love isn't she?
They are just the cutest pic when they're together. Just perfect. Why wasn't Evey invited to that family photo shoot? I mean, really?!?!

Happy to hear your all out of the sick bed, even if you do seem to be turning into a sloth (heh).

Jen said...

Love the pics of Evey and Danny together, especially the one in the crib. And I totally don't see a problem of dogs and kids bathing together!

I hear the sun is coming out soon :)

bbrsbaby said...

I thought I was the only one who wanted to lounge around all day and yet got bored of it at the same time :) Love love love the pics, supercute as always and thanks for remding me about the Easter Bunny, after our Santa fiasco I'm not sure if I'm up for braving the Easter bunny or not!!