Friday, April 10, 2009

Potty mouth, or More evidence I'm a bad mother

Scene: The bathroom

Mom has to go. Opens bathroom door.

Toddler and pooch rush in.

Toddler leans over open toilet.

Mom reaches frantically for Toddler's hand as he dangles binkie over the water.

Binkie plunges into water as Mom screams "NOOOOO!"

Mom doubles over in laughter. Runs to grab camera.

Mom snaps picture.

Toddler reaches in grabs binkie while Mom is busy with camera. Pops it in mouth.

Another "NOOOOO!" from Mom as she snatches it out of his mouth.

Toddler is confused.

Pooch is jealous.

And Mom is horrified. But thinks it's still pretty hilarious.

.... and scene.

It's okay if I sterilize it and give it back to him, right?
Bad mother.