Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hello, my name is...

The only thing harder than coming up with a title for your blog is coming up with the name/nickname you'll use to sign your posts and the comments you make on other blogs.

I find it very awkward, personally. Because I don't believe the fates want you to give yourself a nickname. Case in point, "The Maid" episode from Seinfeld. George tries to get all his coworkers to call him T-Bone by constantly using the phrase. It backfires, another coworker earns the T-Bone moniker, and George ends up as Koko.

I really don't want to be compared to a gorilla, do you?

When I started this blog, I thought and thought and thought and (oh so very creatively) ended up with "C."

No, I didn't throw a dart at the alphabet. That's the first letter of my name.


But as I got deeper into the blogosphere, I kept wondering how other people came up with their amazing names. Funny, descriptive, clever. I grew more and more dissatisfied with C. In fact, I hated it. So going back to the drawing board, I thought and thought and thought again. This time, I even used valuable shower thinking time, which is the only period during my day that I have the concentration to string three or more coherent ideas together.

Not only was it a dark time in my household, seeing as all that valuable brainpower was being diverted, but I also came up nearly blank.

I reluctantly settled on CJ, which is my nickname in DH's family. (The "J" is for junior, because his mom and I share the same first and last names. I know, it's kinda weird.) But it was longer than just C, and it was given to me by someone else, so I decided to just make the switch and finally put the whole nickname fiasco behind me.


Last week, I emailed Mel at Stirrup Queens to let her know I put her book's badge on my blog (see it there on the right?) and ordered it from Amazon. The book, I mean, not the badge. Of course they don't sell the badge on Amazon.

Anyway, in her response to my email (which had my full first and last name attached to it), she said that she always thinks of me as "Sunny" and not as my real first name, and it was funny to think of me that way via email.

My first thought was, OMG, Mel thinks of me ever? She's such an amazing, famous IF blogger with tons of followers and lots of blogs to read herself. And although I read her every post, I am mainly a lurker. Her writing is so thoughtful and thought-provoking, and seeing as I don't read her blog in the shower, it's difficult for me to respond intelligently, so usually I just go mmmmmm to myself and then slam the laptop closed before Bean can smack all the keys. (And I suppose that means if I do comment on your blog, you aren't thoughtful or thought-provoking. See how I stuck my foot in my mouth just there? Well done, CJ.)

My second thought was, SUNNY! That's the perfect nickname! Because I am Sunny in Seattle. Me, Sunny... and I'm in Seattle. OMG, seriously! How did I not think of that? I kept trying to think of ways to build the Seattle in the nickname, when it was really supposed to be Sunny all along.


So that's yet another brilliant lesson from Seinfeld. Don't try too hard to give yourself a nickname. If you wait long enough, someone else will. And it will be perfect.

Oh, and don't sleep with your maid.

(In case it wasn't obvious, the point of this post, other than to name drop and showcase my extensive knowledge of the greatest sitcom of all time, is to announce that you will now hear from me as Sunny, on both of my blogs as well as in the comments I'll be leaving you on yours!)


Kristina P. said...

Remembering that Seinfeld episode made me laugh.

And I'm so glad you announced your name change! I will often get people who change their name, and they comment, and then I go to their blog, thinking I have a new reader, and nope, someone I already knew!

Mom said...

When you were a baby I used to sing to you the song "You Are My Sunshine". I think your new name is perfect!

Soxy Deb said...

Well if mom likes it then I'm sold. But I wonder why you didn't go with cloudy. Or rainy.

Haha, soooo kidding.

So Sunny you shall be from this day forward. And how cool are you that Mel came up with your name for you? That's like being touched by an angel.

Red said...

Giving yourself a nickname is definently not cool. Very cool to be given a nickname by a famous blogger.

Cowboy gave me mine back when we were dating.

Coffeegrl said...

This is so funny :) I too am laughing as I remember that Seinfeld episode. I'm pretty sure I really AM just that boring...but I'm just happy you stop by and say hi now and then - this is the upside to not being too thought-provoking and famous I suppose ;) But for real. I would be so WOWed to think that THE Mel might be thinking of me. You lucky duck. It fits you perfectly!!

Kathy V said...

Well I am glad you found a new name that you are happy with. I would have recognized you anyway without the explanation on the blog because of the picture recognition. Now if you would have updated your picture I would have had to link back to see who was commenting.

Personally I think George comes up with some interesting things. I liked the episode where he decided to Sleep underneath his desk. he rigged it so he could even has alarm clock under there too. Until the desk kept "ticking." But Kramer is the one that really cracks me up. The funniest thing he did is when he decided to "heat up" his clothes in the pizza oven and they got burnt.

Lollipop Goldstein said...

You are too funny. I am so glad that the name I call you in my head is now also the name on screen :-)

Anonymous said...

Now I get it (smacks forehead). I read your comment on my blog before reading this and wondered who this Sunny chick was and why she sounded like someone I knew! Love the new name, change is great!!