Monday, May 18, 2009

Mountain man

We've been busy around here lately, although I'm struggling to come up with exactly what we've been doing. To pick up where I left off with updates, Mother's Day weekend was a lot of fun. We decided to celebrate on Saturday instead of Sunday (because we are punks like that), and we spent the day in Seattle. I hit the town with the two most gorgeous men in the world, doing the things I like to do best: eating, shopping, and more eating. It was our first of what will surely be many visits to Cupcake Royale where DH treated me to a six pack of deluxe delights... perhaps knowing I'd only be able to handle four, thus he had his pick for the final two. I scarfed delicately nibbled a Chocolate Scorcher, Lavender, Peppermint Party, and Salted Caramel. (Not all in one sitting, I'll have you know. But I'm working up to that.) They have a graduation special coming up... and Bean is graduating from the infant class at co-op preschool this week, so I'm pretty sure that means we'll have to celebrate at Cupcake Royale on Saturday. I would hate for the little munchkin to think we weren't proud.

As DH had a huge assignment due on Friday, last week was spent with him working insane hours while I labored insanely hard myself to spend all of his overtime pay on cloth diapers and accessories. Good news, though, we were both successful. (Cloth diaper review coming soon, I want to wait until I'm entirely past the learning curve.)

Luckily, following that exhausting week, we caught a bit of a break this past weekend. We were supposed to be one of the hosts for a "family mixer night" with the MOMS Club on Saturday, where the participating families are split up into small groups to have their own themed potlucks. Luckily, due to some last-minute cancels, our group became too small so we disbanded and joined other groups, thus relieving us our duty to clean and decorate our house. The theme of our adopted group was "light and healthy." (The "heavy and fattening" party was full, as I'm sure you can imagine. Okay, so there really wasn't such a group. But if there was, I'd have been all over it.) Despite the lightness and healthiness of the menu, it was a delicious meal and the other families were very nice.

On Sunday, Bean and I went on a playdate with Jen (cupcakes again, yes seriously!) while DH and the pooch took advantage of the beautiful weather and went hiking with about 853,046 other Seattlites. I did my best to consume the same amount of calories that he burned, I figured at least we'd balance each other out by the end of the weekend. We are joined as one, and all that.

Here are some pictures from the past week or so, lest you become overwhelmingly bored from my pointless recap.

"You stick this neti pot WHERE, Mom?"

No, this is not a toy store, it's our family room.

Bean and Evey watch as Daddy mows the lawn.

My sweet pea eats his sweet peas.

Whatever Bean is saying, Evey's not having any of it.

I can't imagine many dogs less suited for mountain climbing than a Schnoodle. But according to DH, he couldn't hike fast enough for her!

A view of Mount Rainier from their trail up Tiger Mountain.

Enjoying the summit.

Pooch asks why they aren't paragliding down like many of the other hikers.

Random cuteness.


Sarah said...

Okay, you must get the picture of the Danny and the Evey looking out the window enlarged and framed. It is adorable!!!

Kristina P. said...

I should come hang out with you! Cupcakes galore!

Jen said...

I think Evey and Danny are trying to figure out what that golden orb is outside the window!

And anytime you need another excuse for cupcakes, I'm your gal :)

Jen said...

Oh and when Jeramy saw on my blog that your DH got a Boston Creme Pie cupcake, he became much less thrilled with his fluffy pink one. I guess this warrants another trip to Common Ground!

Sarah said...

Before I forget, you can get bulk Bumkins diapers for a discount at Costco. They have various styles and sizes you can chose from in addition to weekend and day trip dirty diapers bags. It's worth a look if you or someone else is a member!

Michelle said...

What gorgeous pictures! Bean looks like he had a blast!!

Those cupcakes sound so delicious. I totally thinks his graduation counts and I wish I could come help you celebrate with those yummy treats!

Lollipop Goldstein said...

Stunning pictures. And how can you ever go wrong with cupcakes. Cuuuuuupcakes...I'm drooling a bit right now.

Coffeegrl said...

Cupcake Royale! Tiger Mountain!! Sounds like a perfect weekend :-)