Friday, May 1, 2009

One hot mama

A couple of weeks ago, I was given an award by Deb.

When you receive this award, step one is listing five sexy things about yourself. I have literally spent weeks trying to come up with five. Or one, even. I guess this is still a "thing" for me -- the struggle to feel sexy after losing my body to pregnancy, birth, and nursing. But Deb obviously thinks me worthy of the award, and DH assures me he does also. Or at least he's attached enough to all his body parts to lie.
Today I decided I'm overthinking it, I just need to list five things and move on. So here goes... this is why I'm sexy.
1. I rock the SAHM-wear. How many people do you know who can pull off this shirt?

2. I am flexible. (I mean like agreeing to move across the country to a city I've never been to while being five months pregnant. Get your mind out of the gutter!)
3. I often sneak between two bedrooms in the middle of the night. (Thanks to my Dad for pointing out this one. I'm all growed up and he's still keeping an eye on me, isn't that sweet?)
4. I am a good role model for my son, teaching him such timeless truisms like farts are funny and that you should never wear white socks with black shoes.
5. **censored** (Sorry, but my Grandma reads my blog!)

Whew! Glad that's done. Now step two is passing along this award to a few other ladies out there...
Momofonefornow at Stop the train... and No More Jelly Donuts. She is eating well, exercising regularly, and losing weight! Seriously sexy.
AFD at The Second Time Around. She's a good friend of mine from back in the good old days of TPing and unbounded metabolism. She's been living in the Badger State for the past decade, and now she totally has one of those Wisconsin accents. (Yes you do, Al!) And everyone knows the Wisconsin dialect is as hot as they come.
Jen at Despite the Best Laid Plans.... She flies across the country with a sick baby and no luggage. Throwing caution to the wind is sexy!
Red at Mrs. Lemon Cake. If we all have an opposite somewhere in the world like Bruce Willis does in that horrid movie Unbreakable, then Red is my fertility foil. Baby bumps are hot!
Furrow at Out the Kitchen Window. She is about to head back to the RE to conceive another precious miracle. Whether it's for exhibitionism or infertility, there is nothing sexier than having having an audience at conception -- especially highly trained medical personnel who get to play along!


Kristina P. said...

What a funny tag and award!

Soxy Deb said...

Yes. My definition of flexible and your definition of flexible...two ENTIRELY different things. But yours is good too - lol.

Hot damn you sexy b!tch you!!

Soxy Deb said...

Sorry granmda - I got a little PG-13 on that last comment. ;)

AFD said...

Thanks for the award! Now I'll have to spend time thinking!

Kristina P. said...

Excellent question, CJ. To my knowledge, none of them have found my blog. They can barely even remember my first name, and I don't have very long term relationships with most of them.

I was stupid when I set up my blog, and wish I hadn't put my full name on there, but it is what it is.

My bosses have seen my blog, so it's out there! In the future, if I'm ever looking for a job again, I may do things differently, or go private for a while, etc.

Furrow said...

Haha! Thanks CJ! And those pink crepe gowns at the RE office are totally sexy, too.

Be patient with me on playing along with and passing on this award. I'm too busy being sexy at the moment.

Jen said...

Ahhh thanks for the award. I am daring, I must say. In light of this award I might just change my blogging name to "Sexy Mama" just as my SIL has the myspace name of "Single Sexy Mama". Seriously.

Anonymous said...