Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Life's a beach

I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend! Ours was low-key, alternating between running errands and totally vegging out. (Okay, I totally vegged out. DH did lawn work. I'm so lazy.) Yesterday we seized the beautiful day and went to a beach on Puget Sound. Here are a few pics of the munchkin, the pooch, and Daddy in the sand.

Oh, and is anyone else incredibly depressed after watching the season premiere of Jon & Kate Plus Eight last night? I really expected them to sit on the couch together and defend themselves and their relationship, but they DIDN'T! I have never liked how Kate treats Jon, but I always thought they could work it out... instead, they both seem to be giving up. I'm so sad for their family, and I feel a bit guilty for watching as they fall apart.


Kristina P. said...

I love his little shirt! Looks like a good weekend.

Jen said...

It was a gorgeous day for the beach. Was that Redondo? Right down the street from my old place.

I watched John & Kate last night, and I hardly know what to say. Part of me feels back for them, and I definitely see both sides of the story (John has been irresponsible lately and Kate can be a total b*tch). At the same time, I almost begin to wonder if this is all a set-up to get more viewers. Nothing like a controversy you know. And if you are having problems with the paparazzi why would you hold the sextuplets b-day party at a public part instead of your own backyard, which is rather expansive now?

All this from somebody who doesn't even "like" the show. TLC sure got me, huh?

Soxy Deb said...

Cute little man. And Bean too.
Is that you sitting behind him in the pic where he has the big stick? Cause that person has flip flops on and hubby has sneakers on. I'm very observant like that.

Beautiful Mess said...

YAY for beach time AND vegging out! I agree about the show. It's all so sad.

lisawitt said...

love the beach! looks like a good time.

Never watched the show either but have similar feelings...just sad if they do end up at the Big D with 8 little ones to deal with....perhaps they should turn off the show and work on their marriage instead?

Anonymous said...

Love love love the pics,especially that first one, and adorable sandals!!

I ditto Lisa on Jon and Kate, I think that Kate's interviews were totally scripted and basically threw Jon under the bus. I also think Jon has already moved out, but we'll see I guess.

Anonymous said...

Cute stuff! As to J&K - here's my take....
Jon - get a job. You can afford a nanny for pete's sake and you obviously need something to do.
Kate - fame/fortune only lasts so long, so might want to work on the family and worry about the fans later.
Read their book and they go on and on about their faith and stong christian values and yet neither one mentions counseling in order to save their MARRIAGE!
And they both said "I'm here for my kids" - what about your spouse? After all, you married for love, not breeding (I hope) and you should always put high importance on your marriage or everything else goes to pot!
Just a thought!

Beautiful Mess said...

Since I'm so new to your blog, I tagged you for a meme on mine. If you've done it already, feel free to ignore my ignorance ;o)

Red said...

So jealous! Summer seems a world away here. Sigh.

Looks like you guys had heaps of fun!

Michelle said...

Those are some GREAT pictures! It looks like you all had a great time!