Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How to entertain your guests

So my parents have left -- boo hoo -- and gone back home to the giant mitten state. (As an aside, one of my sorority sisters in college once argued that Michigan looks nothing like a mitten whatsoever. I may not be a genius, but I did watch Sesame Street growing up, and I'm pretty sure these shapes are similar.)

Anyway, the visit was wonderful, how could it not be? My Dad was easy to keep busy, his agenda looked something like this:

1. Hang mirror sconces in dining room.
2. Hang box wall hangings in nursery. (Bean's room was then finished, just shy of his 14-month birthday. I am an awesome mom!)
3. Install cabinet knobs and drawer pulls in the kitchen. (Yes, these were my birthday present from DH back in February. Since my Dad had to put them in more than two months after my birthday, I am demanding kindly suggesting that DH get me a new gift. I can't wait to see what it will be this time, I hope it's a new camera!)
4. Install medicine cabinet in guest bathroom.
5. Spend entire day cleaning and organizing garage. (Now we can actually fit a CAR in there! OMG!)
6. Assemble and install hanging cabinets above washer and dryer.
7. Assemble storage cabinet next to sink in laundry room.
8. Assemble and install decorative cabinet above toilet in downstairs bathroom.
9. Recover dining room chairs in a fun new fabric. (I should mention that it was my Mom who selected the fabric, not my Dad. He's straight.)
10. Sort through moving boxes in loft and clear additional space.
11. Hang mirror above fireplace.
I'm sure after reading this list, you are all impressed at what an amazing hostess I am. Martha Stewart, look out! My new book, "How to Entertain Guests and Get Your Gutters Cleaned at the Same Time," is coming out this fall. Meanwhile, my Mom was cooking tons of meals and desserts for us, which were similar to some of the things I make, except they tasted good! I gained a few pounds and my pants are tight this week, but it was worth it. After they left, DH remarked, "I am pretty sure I would love it if your parents moved to Seattle." Um... yeah.
Here are some pictures of proof that I didn't work my parents to the bone the entire visit, plus some of the things we've been up to lately. And stay tuned for adventures in baby butts and acting lame in front of famous people!
Do you think his sly grin is because he knows his mom wouldn't have let him sit on the back of the couch like that? Love the jammies though.
Disproving my theory that she prefers my parents over us because they don't torment her, my Mom and Dad had a good laugh putting reading glasses on the dog.
Last Tuesday was family night at the preschool. (Yes, a dreaded potluck!) Bean was excited to show his grandparents off to all his classmates.
The next morning, Grandpa and Grandpa came with us to preschool class.
Bean spent at least 15 solid minutes pushing this shopping cart around the play area -- with a flat expression on his face the entire time. Groceries are serious business!
Their plane flew out on Thursday. Before they left, Bean and Grandma enjoyed some cuddle time as the little guy took his morning nap in her arms.
Friday was free day at the Tacoma Children's Museum, and we met a few friends there for some play time. It says a lot about the museum that Bean's favorite part was playing with his own stroller.
Oh, and in keeping with the grocery theme, he liked the fake food, too. Even the plastic jelly that had a stomach-churning resemblance to fake barf.
Practicing with Grandpa paid off... he is finally able to push his lawn mower by himself without falling forward on it.
Yesterday, Bean and I took a little field trip into Seattle for some shopping. He fell in love with this xylophone, so I got it for him. Of course, being a boy, he is genetically compelled to use the stick to bang on everything but the actual toy. (See, by the frownie face, you can see that even he doesn't want to be doing that! But the poor kid doesn't have a choice.)


Soxy Deb said...

We have the same coffee table. Yep, that's what I got out of that whole post. We have the same coffee table.

Remind me never to come visit you. I don't want to work that hard ever.

I love, love, love all the pics. And the one on the back of the sofa? Oh yeah, he knew that was taboo.

Kristina P. said...

Your dad is awesome! I wish my husband could do all that stuff too. :)

Kathy V said...

I love the pictures. The look on his face while he is sitting on the back of the couch is priceless. Almost thinking about what other mischief he can get into.

That was really nice of you to make your dad do all those chores around the house.

Jen said...

Groceries ARE serious business! Can Bean read yet? Because if so, I have a shopping list that I'd like him to take care of for me!

Red said...

Gorgeous pics!

I bet your Mum loved the cuddle time - Champ did the saem thing with my Mum when he was about 9 months old, but I don't think he'd do it now. It must have been like he was a baby again for a little while!

Michelle said...

Well now that your parents are back home here in Michigan do you think you could send them to my house. I definitely have some "entertaining" I could get done. ;)