Sunday, February 21, 2010

32 weeks and a cop out

The past couple of days have been hard for me, for some reason. I've just been... sad. My spirits have been relatively high for the past 7 weeks of bedrest, but suddenly I found myself listening to this song on repeat with tears in my eyes:

The timing of this crash is rather strange. I am relieved that we hit 32 weeks today, my bedroom is filled with fresh air and gorgeous sunlight, and it was nice to finally get that apology from Tiger Woods. But I guess everything catches up to you at some point, and you just need the release of an angsty bald dude singing a pop ballad.

I have a few things I could post about... I have been given a couple of wonderful awards from Stephanie and Jingle. And Coffeegrl suggested I give some diet tips that I've learned from The Diabeetus, which really is keeping the non-belly areas of my body nice and slim. (Quick tip: Avoid anything that could be labeled "yummy" and focus on foods that look like things your child or pet brought in from the backyard.)

But you know, I'm just not in the mood quite yet. So instead, I'm copping out and asking YOU to help me post. Do you have any questions I can answer... about what's happening now? My plans for the boys? Who I think Jake the Bachelor should choose to fly on the wings of his love? (We all have to be in agreement on that one, not the annoying chick who looks like a donkey.)

I feel so narcissistic asking to talk about myself, but I've been blogging for 2 1/2 years now, I think I blew narcissistic out of the water a long time ago. So... is there anything you'd like to know?



jingle said...


Beautiful song.
Do what u feel like.
If not posting the award bother u, then go ahead and share the awards with your friends. If u prefer not to accept it at the moment, then do what's hot in your mind.

nobody can make a decision for u.
Best Wishes!

Happy Sunday Evening!

jingle said...

I never worry much about my new born baby until I gave birth...
U may need to take a break from the house.
When the day is sunny and warm, ask your family members to take a walk with u out door, breathing of fresh air and switching your mood from what u do daily will rest your body and mind...hope that u stay upbeat and have fun with your boy.


Kristina P. said...

Are you done having kids after your boys?

K said...

Hmm.... just reading your comments...I guess someone didn't read that you're on bedrest though ofcourse taking a walk would be a great option if one could! :)

Hmm questions! Okay let me see:
1) What are your biggest fears about raising twins plus a toddler?
2) What will be the first sweet yummy dessert you eat after delivering the babies?
3) Do you have any advice or insight for what its like to parent after infertility?

And I second the other blogger, advice on how you're keeping your GD in check would be very helpful!!

*hugs* thinking of you and hoping that this feeling passes very soon.

AFD said...

Let's see...things I'd like to know...
1. Who's the most wonderful person you keep in touch with from high school? :)
2. Do you remember the strange flash of light we saw on 7 mile, and, what was it?
3. Are you thrilled to have me as a house guest in July?
4. Have you or someone else given you a mani/pedi yet?

Okay...that's enough questions for know. I'll look for my answers tomorrow. LOVE YOU!!!

GeekByMarriage said...

I like happy questions.
What is going to be the definitive moment during this pregnancy that you will laugh about for years to come? The OMG I cannot believe that just happened moment. Or do you think that moment might happen during the birth?

lisawitt said...

1) Names? LOL!
2) I agree with above comment...are #2 and #3 it for you guys?
3) hows the minivan treating you? We are thinking of getting one this year!

Hang in there girl, before long, you will be holding these 2 precious, unbelievable sweet miracles in your arms and worrying about how many poops they have had during the day and how bean is doing on potty training (whenever we decide to do that, LOL!)

Nicky said...

I think that you're holding up shockingly well. Amazing. Tons better than I'd be doing.

My question: are you planning to attempt cloth diapers with the twins? The thought of three in cloth seems... daunting to me. I've found one in cloth to be easier than I expected, but three? Yikes.

Hilary said...

Well, since you asked for it... I have been lurking on your sites for a couple of weeks now. Found your other blog when googling Soy Isoflavones and got caught up in a great read (thank you). Your site has been the source of tons of great information for me. My question is this, why do you cut out your face and your DH's face, but not the GP's in your blog photos? I keep trying to figure out who your adorable baby boy looks like from the partial face shots that are in your blog. But no luck. The other thing I am wondering about is if your twins are fraternal? I am assuming that they are, but you know what they say about that! I can't wait to see pics of those two handsome boys you are gestating. I bet they are going to be lovely just like their big brother. Hopefully you will find a way to fill your time, you are a rock star for being so calm and patient!

E said...

This diet has kept me from gaining more weight but my legs still resemble big fat jelly donuts. ??? I hate it.

I am really getting disgusted with my body, mainly my legs.

But, at least I won't gain another 30 pounds.

I haven't had much to say myself. I am now entering that stage where I am starting to not feel like I want to be pregnant anymore, ya know? Ready for the end to come. I guess because of my body and add the stupid diet in it...not fun. Also the uncomfortablness is settling in.

I wish I was having twins to get it all over with. At this point, I *think* I want another one after this, if my body lets me, of course.

Have you picked your names for the twins?? Have you announced them yet?

Jen said...

OMG...Vienna does look like a donkey! I am sad to admit that I sometimes watch that show if I can keep Jeramy from changing the channel.

My question is what are you most nervous of about going from a mom of 1 to a mom of 3

Martha said...

Sometimes, there is a sense of relief hitting a milestone where your emotions just come pouring out.
Here's some questions, wonderful you-

How did you and Dh meet?

Okay, now less profound, what other reality shows do you enjoy?


Lisa said...

I can't believe it has been 7 weeks!!!! You are a total inspiration!

IF Optimist, then... said...

Kiddo, you are a great inspiration to me while I rest. 7 weeks is an incredible accomplishment and by your dedication and tenacity you have given a great gift of health to your two boys. The light is at the end of the tunnel. I know you can see it. Hang in there.

My question is more selfish, how about we make a date, that you and your pal IF Optimist get to go out with baybees in tow for a walk down the Burke Gilman trail or in Marymoore Park (don't worry, it's paved). We'll push double strollers and drink sugary beverages and watch Bean in the playground. Whaddya say? August?

Michelle said...

I think you are doing a FANTASTIC job! 7 weeks and this is your first time being sad...I am impressed but no no wonder you feel this way. Laying in bed for 7 weeks+ could really drive a person crazy. It will be well worth it!

I do not have any questions other then the above ones so I will wait to read your answers.

Hugs my friend you are almost there!

Mary said...

Hang in there mama, 32 weeks is AWESOME!! I remember hitting a wall around that gestation as well and I didn't have to go through 1/10th of what you are dealing with, you are AMAZING!!!!!!!!

As far as questions, I'd love to know the boys' names but I bet you aren't telling ;). I also want to know how much your mom is LOVING getting so much Danny time!!

Hollyween said...

I of course want to know the names. And the fact that you linked my donkey post... well.... that just makes me get all teary and stuff.

Ya know what?

It is OKAY to feel blue. It happens to the best of us. So I say live it up and then move it out. And I beg of you to do a big pig out after you give birth to those babies. You can even name it after me "The Holly pigout" because I'm all about the food ALL the time. Especially lately.

I laughed at Hilary asking why you're headless. I feel blessed to know what you actually look like.

And here's a question from me to you: Do you think you and I will ever actually meet? I feel like I've known you forever... and yet... never met.

Also, I'm doing a post on a friend's blog about feelings on infertility. I'd love your thoughts since we infertiles aren't all cookie cutters.

Hugs and hang in there. And weep. Weep with joy.

Mrs. Gamgee said...

Ok, you know I'm a foodie, so I'm bound to ask you a foodie type question...

What has been your strongest craving during this pregnancy? And conversly, what are you hoping you will be able to enjoy that you haven't been able to handle the last few months?

I'm so impressed at how well you have been handling your extended horizontal incarceration. Hang in there!

WiseGuy said...

Hey Sunny, it looks like I have mighty catching up to do.

Congrats on hitting 32 weeks.

I love 'Never Say Never' does figure in my recent playlists a number of times....