Wednesday, February 24, 2010

You asked, I answer (Part II)

Geek by Marriage asked about the definitive moment during this pregnancy that I will laugh about for years to come. The OMG I cannot believe that just happened moment. This is a tough one... it's been a different sort of pregnancy all along. I don't have any fun stories of running through gridlock traffic while 7 months pregnant like I did when baking the Bean. It was mostly uneventful until it became extremely uneventful during the past 7 weeks of staring at the same four walls all day. But as far as the "OMG I cannot believe that just happened" reaction, it had to be when the RE wanded me and I saw two tiny little beebs on the ultrasound screen. Actually it wasn't so much "OMG" as "Oh shit, it's twins. Oh shit." The RE asked if it was an excited, happy "Oh shit" or a worried, freaked-out "Oh shit." I won't tell you what I responded, but needless to say that is the moment during this pregnancy that will stay with me forever.

Lisa, E, and Mary wonder about the names of our little twinklets. Yes, they both have them -- first and middle. (And last! We thought we'd stick with ours.) The twins and I are a fearsome threesome fighting off preterm labor together, and I've needed to know their names to address them in team meetings. DH and I aren't announcing what they are until the boys are born, just in case we suddenly decide matchy twin names rock after all and go for Steven and Stephen. Oh, and in case you were wondering, there is at least one winner on the Name Game post! Will it be you? Wait and see! Lisa also wonders how the minivan is treating me. Crap, I do own one, don't I. I haven't been in it in about two months, I blessedly forgot. Honestly though, I am really glad we got it. The convenience is unmatched. I will soon have two infants and a toddler, the least of my concerns will be the fact that my vehicle has the style and maneuverability of a space colony.

Oh, and to answer Mary's second question -- my Mom is absolutely LOVING her time with Bean. She says she's getting more benefit out of this extended visit than the rest of us are. Which is entirely untrue, but all the better for me and DH if she believes that. Thanks for your help Mom!

Nicky asked if I will be cloth diapering three butts this spring. Nope! Not immediately, at least. Bean has been in 'sposies since bedrest, as our collective plate is overflowing and we try to keep things as simple as possible. Less laundry, and I don't have to redo everything when my poor Mom tries to assemble the proper inserts into each cover. And I am nervous enough about my fragile sanity being home alone all day with three boys born in two years, so again, keeping it lowest-maintenance after the birth. But if I ever get the hang of parenting multiples, I do plan to make the switch back to cloth.

Hilary delurked (hi!) to ask why DH and I are headless on my blog, but other people are not, as she'd like to see who Bean looks like. I first made myself headless in my blog because in my job as a mental health counselor, it's important to maintain a thick line between my clients and my personal life. I didn't want someone stumbling across my blog and learning something that would be damaging to our professional therapeutic relationship -- like my intense dislike of mushrooms and onions. Although I am a SAHM now, I do plan to go back at some point (or at least that's what I tell my DH) so I've kept it up. I obviously post pictures of Bean, which I am very conflicted about. I want to keep his privacy, but it's also been great to share him with friends and family who live far away. I could password-protect my blog, or have a separate way to send pictures. But I just don't want to do that! So for now at least, DH and I are headless and the kids are not. (And as far as our extended family, I've asked and they don't mind having heads on the blog.) Who does Bean look like? I have no idea. Both of us, definitely, and neither of us. We have brown hair and brown eyes, he has light hair and blue eyes. He's our little recessive-gene munchkin. Although I'm pretty sure his hair will get darker as he gets older. I think the person he resembles most is my Dad, his Grandpa J. I am dying to see what his brothers look like!

Hilary also asked about whether the twins are fraternal or identical. We are quite confident that they are fraternal. First, we know from ultrasounds that I released 2-3 eggs on the treatment cycle that we conceived them. The chance of both of them fertilizing and implanting is far greater than the chance that only one became an embryo and split into two -- although it does happen! Second, they are dichorionic-diamniotic twins, which means they are developing in separate sacs with separate placentas. This happens in 100% of fraternal twin pregnancies, but only about 25% of identical twin pregnancies (they more often share a placenta). There, a little biology lesson for you, too. You're welcome.

And my IRL friend Allison asked:

1. Who's the most wonderful person you keep in touch with from high school? :) I assume you mean other than DH? And I also assume that you are fishing for a compliment? Well then I have to say you, Al my Pal. ;)
2. Do you remember the strange flash of light we saw on 7 Mile Road, and, what was it? Of course I remember. And it was aliens. Most definitely aliens.
3. Are you thrilled to have me as a house guest in July? Absolutely! You like getting up with babies in the middle of the night, right?
4. Have you or someone else given you a mani/pedi yet? I've used cuticle cream, lotion, etc. but not polish. I am worried about getting it on my white sheets, considering they already contain evidence of my meals for the day. Looking around, I can clearly see that I ate a salad recently (with Italian dressing) and some sort of sandwich with avocado.

Last but not least, IF Optimist proposed an outing to the park in August. A double twin date, with her sweet little angel girls and my wild pack of monkey boys. You are on, T, can't wait!



AFD said...

Of course I was fishing for a compliment! Nah, I was just trying to make you smile and keep it light. :)

Sarah said...

Hey! I want to come too!!! Reunion at Sunny's house! lol! Totally kidding C - I wouldn't do that to you!!!! But seriously, I'm jealous AFD!!! Maybe before I go back to work I'll take a trip and leave the kiddos with the hubs. Lord knows he needs time with them alone (ahem...i.e. Mama needs personal time away - God love them!...)

Sarah said...

So here are my questions:
1) Did you get a twin breastfeeding pillow? What do they recommend - feeding them both at once, getting them on an immediate schedule? Can you do it on demand like a singleton or will you be feeding all day long?
2) Will you put all three kids in matching outfits, just the twins, or forget it. Nothing like a couple in matching flannel (yikes!), why not the kids?
3) Will your mama stay with you for awhile when the babies are born?
4) How is DH handling all this? Would he mind posting on your blog about his perspective of bedrest and the thought of having twins etc? His fears and thrills?
5) Besides sugar and carbs, what would be the number one thing you would be so happy for after the babies are born? A haircut, someone to clean your house, a massage, a new razor?

Martha said...

Thank you so much for all these great answers! I so appreciate your wonderfulness!
I love Project Runway too, currently addicted to Operation Repo also. Please Do Not Watch Operation Repo, it raises your heartrate like crazy.
Big ((HUGS))

Kristina P. said...

I've always wondered about the lack of pictures of you too! That makes sense.

Jen said...

I just remember the look on your face after the "oh shit" ultrasound. I'd called it stunned and scared.

Lavender Luz said...

Would be fun to join y'all in August!

Love the Stephen and Steven. Made me spit my coffee.

Michelle said...

It is great to get to know you better.

There were aliens on 7 mile? When was this...I grew up off of 7 mile. Maybe that is what is wrong with me...I was kidnapped by aliens...hmmm lol

IF Optimist, then... said...

Wooooo! I can't wait until August. Keep it up with more of these Q&A things, I love them.

Alana said...

Catching up...

LOVED the Bean infant-toddler photo recap. What a little cutie!

Your tummy is looking divine, Sunny! What a wonderful haven for your "cooking" tots.

Happy (LATE) 30th birthday! Yay!

Thrilled for you that the twins continue to thrive and do well.

Enjoyed your question/answer posts, a fun way to learn about you. And you win mother-of-the-year in my book for just considering having cloth diapers on THREE kiddos at once. Yikes!


Carrie said...

An outing? I want one! :)

YES, you need that dang Twin Pillow. I have many tricks up my sleeve on how to use it, because it can be annoying if not used correctly, I think. I used it about 12 times today. Seriously.

I cannot find your email though I know I have it. Email me at Carehamilton AT gmail if you want to talk nursing multiples! :)