Friday, February 12, 2010

So basically I'm *too good* at gestating, is what's happening here

Well, I had my weekly OB appointment, and I am home again... but like last time, I'm just squeaking by. It was not good news.

The fun started at noon when the phone rang. It was the OB's office, and the nurse asked, "Did you know you had an appointment today?"

"Ummm, yes," I answered, confused. "It's at 1:15 pm."

Actually, no, she informed me. It was at 10 am. But they could squeeze me in if I raced over there immediately, which of course DH and I promptly did. (He tried to take yesterday off for my birthday, but he couldn't, so he took today off instead. I am so glad it worked out this way instead...)

I brought my schedule with me, the one THEY had written all my appointments on, and showed them my 1:15 pm on February 12th. Well, it turns out that one of the front desk ladies had rescheduled some of my ultrasounds and neglected to tell me. Which was lovely of her.

This is not the first time I have struggled with appointment scheduling here. I tell you, for how wonderful the doctors are at this practice, the front desk ladies don't seem to have two brain cells to rub together between the lot of them.

With all due respect, of course.

So my cervical check was up first. Lots of internal funneling, only .9 cm of cervix left (down from 1.9 cm last week).


Then we got a growth scan. Twin A is measuring 4 lbs 15 oz (90 somethingish percentile) and Twin B is measuring 4 lbs 5 oz (80 somethingish percentile).

So I have 9 lbs 4 oz of baby in me right now, plus two placentas, plus two bags of waters, plus... yeah, you get the idea.

As an aside, in case you are wondering what that looks like, here I am this morning:

So I used to think that Bean was so huge at birth (9 lbs 14 oz) because I had undiagnosed gestational diabetes, despite passing my three-hour test. But with this pregnancy my blood sugars have been spot on, if not on the low side, and they are still turning into sumo fetuses.

I grow them TOO well, what can I say? And it's my poor cervix that is paying the price.

The doctor (not the one I usually see -- but my regular OB will be back next week from maternity leave, hooray!) gave us two options: go on hospital bedrest, which is in theory more strict than home bedrest; or go home for continued bedrest. When I explained to her the extent that I can stay in bed at home (no more going downstairs for me), she agreed it's basically the same as being in the hospital. So that leaves two benefits of being admitted, 1) the constant monitoring for contractions and 2) the ability to deliver the babies immediately should they need to come out.

DH and I talked about this and both agreed that we'd rather have me at home. Hospital bedrest is incredibly stressful and uncomfortable, it's impossible for me to sleep without an Ambien, and we just aren't convinced that those benefits are worth it. I have been super vigilant watching for contractions, and I am not feeling anything whatsoever. With my mom here 24/7, we can jump into the car and race to the birth center at the first sign of trouble.

I am absolutely convinced that being in the hospital won't help keep these twins in any longer than I can do at home by resting. Let's face it, I have more baby in there now than most women have even at full term with a singleton. My body is only going to take what it's going to take. We are WAY past the window of a cerclage, and if my cervix is going to disappear while I'm laying flat on my back all day without any discernible contractions, it's going to disappear no matter what.

It's been 6 weeks since I was given steroids to help the babies' lungs, so the doc is giving me another round. I had one half of the shot today, and we head to the birth center tomorrow for the second half. And possibly another cervical check but I'm not positive on that.

I was really getting hopeful that I could go until 35 or 36 weeks, but now I'm just praying to make it to magic number 32.

Nine days to go.



Kristina P. said...

I would have chosen home rest too. I just visited my friend in the hospital, after she had a little boy, and I don't know how people stay there for months. She was going stir crazy!

Mary said...

Those are AMAZING weights, you ROCK! That will serve your boys well no matter when they decide to come, I know of many 33 weekers who weighed less than that at birth and are now thriving. I agree with your home bedrest plan, I would think the extra stress and sleeplessness could kick up some contractions and not fun stuff. Hang in there my friend, you WILL get through this.

Gorgeous belly shot btw, brings back SO many memories. I remember feeling at 32 weeks like I couldn't possibly get any bigger, and yet I did, go figure.

K said...

Go sumo fetuses! That's good they are growing so well. Despite the cervix measurements, their weight being so high is a relief.

I think home rest is good especially when there is no huge difference and I can only imagine the added stress of the bright hospital lights, etc.

Thinking of you and hoping you make it well beyond week 32.

What is the doctor saying about his predictions regarding labor?

meinsideout said...

Those are great measurements! I hope you make it a few more weeks!

Coffeegrl said...

I don't blame you one bit. I'd MUCH rather be at home. And hey, you've made it this far....I'm feeling good that you can push things just a little farther!

Also, what the ???? What's with the appointment ladies? Seriously. It's not that hard.

E said...

I don't blame you one BIT. I would much rather be at home than the hospital!!!!!

You are right, your cervix is going to do what it is going to do and there is nothing you can do about it and there is nothing you would do differently at the hospital then you would at home.

I will keep my fingers crossed that you will make it the next 9 days. If you don't, I am sure everything will be fine, especially having steroid shots.

Hang in there girl!! You are taking this all in like a pro.

Your belly is huge, but you are still cute!! I am just super round everywhere, like humpty dumpty.

Expectant Duck said...

you can do it sunny! You're doing so great and you are right to choose home bedrest, if you are resting tonnes then why not be more comfy at home!

Michelle said...

WOW you are doing such an AMAZING job! I think home rest was a good choice you have been really good at that and who wants to be at the hospital if you do not have to? You are in my thoughts! Praying for 9 days and beyond!

Allison said...

Those babies are big! Yay for your incredible gestating abilities! Those boys of yours are going to come out strong and healthy (and pumped up on steriods!) :) You're awesome and I can't wait to see you.

Jen said...

Not good news for sure. But I definitely think you made the right decision about staying home. As the concern is about pre-term labor all you can do is rest. And the hospital might only make that more difficult.

And oh God how I hear you on those front desk ladies. There is one with a really loud annoying voice who just gets to me. One day she even started having it out with another gal at the front desk in front of all the patients. Not real professional!

Kate said...

Weird, your ticker shows 32w3d?
I'm betting without contractions and with bedrest you could make it longer than you think. Heck, my SIL walked around 3cm dilated for over 2 weeks with her third baby, with lots and lots of braxton-hicks. And still had to be induced in the end. So there's hope!
I'd have chosen to stay home too.

MrsSpock said...

That is A LOT of baby in there. No wonder your cervix thinks it's time to evict them. Home bedrest does sound infinitely better. And happy big 3-0!

lisawitt said...

Hang in there, C, you are doing great!! And those are great weights! I had a friend who had a full term singleton at 5lbs! I totally would have chosen home bedrest would S.U.C.K. Thank goodness for momma being there for you and I think you will make it past 32 too!! Prayers your way! :)

Carrie said...

OH MY GOSH where have I been? I am so excited you've gone to almost 32 weeks. WOOO HOO!

That shrinking cervix? It is totally how mine was, and I am here to tell you: less than 1 cm can hang out for a month or more. I am hoping yours does that too.

I was nutty in the hospital on bed rest and hated each second. I think your choice is a good one, as long as you are super vigilant and it sounds like you are.

I will check in more often- these triplets make blog checking sooo hard. JEEZ!

Red said...

Glad you still have the home rest option, I am sure it is tough, but it would have to beat hospital. Hang in there boys!

Kristi said...

I would have made the exact same decision. You are doing an amazing job, and I really, really hope you make it to 32 weeks and beyond. You're almost there.

As an aside, one of my twins was 4 lbs, 9oz at birth (34 weeks, 3 days), so kudos to you for growing 'em big!

strongblonde said...

sounds like those babies are doing great!! you are a great gestator! lol.

fingers crossed for the next week!!

IF Optimist, then... said...

Hang in there little guys! Sorry to hear about the funneling and cervix problems. I'll be putting forth lots of extra hope and wishes for 9 more uneventful days. I would have kept out of the hospital too. I don't want to be there unless it is 100% absolutely necessary. So glad to know your mom and hubs and Bean are taking great care of you and MAN THOSE BABIES ARE HUGE! Good job!

Martha said...

Home is always best when it comes to stress and you have a great support system to keep your bum in bed.
Super Gestator Sunny, a new Super Hero from Seattle. To 32 weeks and Beyond!
You look Mah-Velous!!!

Leah Rubin said...

Sounds like you made the right choice! You're clearly a decicated mom, so keep up the great work, and let's keep rooting for those babies! Yay!

jingle said...

Sunny, Nice to read your most recent update:

It seems like u r doing fine, great, or better than good.
Hang in there,
Everything will flow and be awesome!

Happy Monday!

Anonymous said...

I have 8 month old twins and they were 6lbs 4oz and 6lbs 11oz when they were born at 36 1/2 weeks (1 night in the NICU for glucose and we all came home together). The doctors felt they could come out at 34 weeks (I had high BP but no swelling or protein) but I fought to keep them in as long as possible. Dr's tend to err on the side of caution, so listen to what your gut tells you.
Good luck!

Hollyween said...

Nice belly shot. You look awesome! Go ahead and pat yourself on the back. And seriously, your writing is so well done and hilarious. I loved the entry with the fuzzy red blanket fuzzies and you thinking you were bleeding again. FUNN-EEE!!!

So it's been four days since your last entry and I'm getting a little worried. Perhaps it's time for an udpate? And, more importantly... did you watch The Bachelor last night? I love your opinions, you know.

Nicky said...

Wow that's a whole lot of baby! I would have elected for home rest, too. Hope things continue to hold!

Sarah said...

Those babies are doing so well! I'm really excited at their weight!!! I think that you'll have them at 34 weeks. What do I know though? Even if your body is getting ready to push them out, those boys like it in there and are thriving! They'll fight your body by holding on to that placenta with their tiny hands swimming to the top so that they don't come out... (lol)...

LC said...

I didn't think it was possible to be hugely pregnant with twins and still look "skinny"... but you've pulled it off. You look amazing! Hang in there -- you're close to the finish line!

Eve said...

Yes, the weights are great. I'm praying you hit that magic 32 week mark my own doc keeps 'raving' about. I would've chosen home as well. I've done both and am ALWAYS more stressed at the hospital.

Praying for you and your healthy little babies. Hang in there, you're so very close!

Furrow said...

You are an amazing baby grower! I hope you make it as long as possible, but those boys sound strong already.

And you really do look great. i think my thighs are nearly as big as your belly.

jingle said...

I am impressed by your math skills the other day!
Hope that u have a beautiful Wednesday!
take good care.

Aggie97 said...

Wow apparently I haven't checked your blog in longer than I thought! I didn't know you were pregnant - much less with twins! Wow - congratulations!!!

(Promise to be better about keeping up now!)


Nancy said...

I think you and I go to the same doctor's office. My Ob just had a baby in Dec and is back to work this week too and the front desk ladies are, well, just as you described them!!!
BTW, You look great!

jingle said...

a star award 4 u,
hope that your day is brighter today!

take care.