Thursday, February 21, 2008

Baby update: 38.5 weeks

Finally my doc is back from her island vacation, safely in the office where she should be, awaiting her big opportunity to deliver my baby. And speaking of big opportunities, I finally was able to talk with her about the enormity of Bean. She noted that he is in the 90% percentile of weight estimates, but that wasn't necessarily a bad thing. She was speaking solely for herself there, obviously. She then asked what specifically concerned me about the estimate. I thought it was quite obvious: I only have 10 cm to give this kid no matter how much he plumps up before heading out (get it, heading out? ha ha ha... oh dear, I've been pregnant too long). Anyway, she assured me that from her perspective, things are looking great and that my pelvis should be able to handle a larger baby. Which I am inclined to believe, considering my thighs are now about 3 feet apart when I stand up.

The doc then did a physical check to see if there's been any progress. She said that the front of the cervix is open but the back is still closed, and there may be some effacement but it was difficult to tell. She said she felt minor changes, and without me having any contractions yet. Hopefully a sign that I can make some progress before I am completely miserable.

I have moved past the round belly stage and have become quite lumpy. It's difficult to tell from these pics, but if you look closely, you can see the exact outline of the baby in my tummy. And if you ask nicely, he'll even move his butt from one side to the other, creating a significant wave effect that makes me vaguely seasick.

Everyone assumes that I'm dying to get the baby out at this point. Sure, I'm looking forward to seeing my toes again. But I'm not sure which is greater: my fear of labor pains and bringing a real baby home with us; or my fear of having the longest human gestation in recorded history (and subsequently the largest newborn). For better or worse, it doesn't really matter whether I'm ready or not, because he's going to pick his own birthday. Although I did start drinking raspberry leaf tea this morning, which some people believe can bring on contractions. DH is convinced I'll go into labor within hours of finishing the first cup, so we'll see.

As far as our to-do list goes, we got a few important things accomplished this week:

  • One of DH's coworkers offered to dogsit, so the pooch is covered while we are at the hospital. No word on whether the coworker will take the dog long-term when I kick her out for waking the baby up AGAIN with her incessant barking.

  • Camera and camcorder are charged and packed. I already reserved the right to delete any image(s) that might cause emotional trauma to me or Bean at any point in the future.

  • Finished the birth plan, which included just two brief requests: a healthy baby and a healthy dose of drugs.

  • Loaded my iPod -- thanks for the suggestions on song themes. I still cried through most of the selection process, but I cry at the Muzak at the grocery store, so what can you do.

  • Printed a selection of maps to the hospital, with different route options to avoid various highways, depending on the online traffic cams. We find comfort in the false belief that we can outsmart Seattle traffic.

  • Set up Bean's furniture. Here are some pics, starring Evey, for your enjoyment:
    • "I didn't do it, mama, I swear! But the mess of garbage on the kitchen floor..."

      "All this work is making me tired. Clean this place up, it's a mess." (See her on the rug?)

      "I've had enough. My bone and I will be hiding in the back of the closet next to the doggy door if you need me." (She dragged the cushion from her travel crate to that spot.)

      Just a few things left to finish this weekend, and we'll be in good shape.

      • Complete the "before you were born" section of his baby book. They make you sign and date it, so I can't cheat and do it after.

      • Get a bookshelf for his nursery. I went to Ikea for the first time and came up empty. Although I couldn't stay long because 1) I realized I had no idea how to actually purchase something from the displays and 2) the place was so huge I was afraid to go into labor while being 2 miles from the entrance of the store.

      • Clean the house. No nesting instinct for me yet. The house is a disaster and I have neither the inclination nor the energy to clean it. I'm kinda hoping that little elves do it in the middle of the night or something.

      • Make dinners to freeze. (Translation: collect menus from local take-out and delivery restaurants.)

      • Pack an overnight bag for me and DH. The dog also has her own travel bag, and if you can't guess who had it made for her, then you obviously don't know my family.

      Finally, being only a week and a half from my due date, I thought it was time to add a new poll. When do you think Bean will join the world? And please, be kind.


      Jen said...

      By the look of that stomach I'd say Bean should have arrived yesterday. But since that is obviously the wrong answer, I'm going with March 4th.

      It seems like no matter how much you want it, having a baby is downright scary. Keeping one alive just seems like a very daunting task!

      Kathy V said...

      I am glad to hear you appointment went well. I thought there might be an option on the poll that bean was so comfortable in there that he was never going to come out. I guess the fact that your body is changing doesn't allow that one to have any validity. The dog napping in the nursery is good. She worked hard watching you unpack and move all the stuff in there.

      Andrea said...

      I was also worried about labor (Nathan's head circumference was in the 95th percentile!) But those epidurals are amazing! Getting very excited to hear your wonderful news of Bean's arrival. Oh and I voted within a week of his due date...Nathan was 6 days late but I hope Bean is right on time for you!

      xavier2001 said...

      Look at that belly!!! You're looking great girlie and the time is getting so so so close. Every time an unknown area code comes accross my cell phone my heart skips a beat and I get excited. Damn political phone calls. And enjoy that belly now b/c you may miss it, I miss mine a teeny bit, especially those huge rolls of movement.

      lisawitt said...

      christine, you always make me laugh! I am hoping bean makes his grand entrance soon too. its amazing in just an instant how that belly changes, i looked at a pic of mine from the night we were admitted, crazy! sounds like you and dh have everything covered, and even if some of those things dont get will all work out just fine! hang in there, you are SO CLOSE!!!!!!!

      Hollyween said...

      I can't wait until I hear the news! My guess is March 1st. Or second. Yeah... the second!! I'm so glad you got the furniture! What a relief!

      sarah said...

      Do we win anything with this poll? ;) My guess is March 9th, but I hope it is sooner for you. You look like my middle sister did pregnant - all huge belly. It's really amazing! You can set down your raspberry leaf tea cup on your belly-shelf. I loved doing that and tried to see if the baby would kick it off. I drank that stuff religiously too, but it did nothing for me. Other debated methods to induce: spicy food, sex ("with good aim" as my Dr. said), and castor oil. ;) Tee hee...have fun!!!!