Monday, February 25, 2008

One week and counting

Despite drinking an ocean of raspberry leaf tea, indulging in spicy Mexican fare, and traipsing up and down Pike Place Market on Saturday, Bean remains securely lodged in his home of the past nine months. In fact, I am now so large that I have my own weather system (today's forecast: mostly sunny with some low-lying clouds). No, this does not mean that I am suddenly dying to get him out. I'm uncomfortable but reasonably content hanging out with him in our intimate partnership, mommy and Bean. It's actually poor DH who is about to expire from the anxiety of waiting. In an unfortunate coincidence of timing, his team at work has a huge deadline this Friday. Being new to the group, he's still learning while trying to finish up his projects on time -- making for long and stressful days. Then he comes home and has a heart attack every time I move from one position to another, which now always involves one of those ugly preggo groans. He's already crated the dog and started the car before I can assure him that my labored breathing is simply the result of lugging around 40 pounds of baby belly. Ugh.

Meanwhile, I'm a bit worried that Bean is done baking but can't find his way out, as it seems he may have inherited his mom's sense of direction -- or complete lack thereof. When I am the navigator in the car with DH, I'm neither surprised nor insulted when I tell him to turn right at the next light and he immediately jumps into the left-turn lane. Bean, in a similar way, seems to be determined to push his butt up and out the top of the womb, instead of taking the door like most babies. Tomorrow is my last scheduled visit with my OB before my due date arrives... maybe I can ask her to yell to him or something. Follow the voice, Bean!

Back to DH, he was an absolute hero this weekend, taking charge of the to-do list so Bean and I could rest. Remember those little elves whom I had hoped would clean up the house overnight? Well, they worked their magic in a different way, instead arranging for a last-minute visit of one of DH's best friends and roommates from college and his wife. They were in town on business, and as DH hasn't seen this friend in years, he was all smiles as he vacuumed, dusted, and Windexed before they arrived. We spent a sunny and beautifully mild Saturday with them at Pike Place Market. Besides a long walk up a steep hill back to the car at the end of the day -- with DH literally pushing me from behind as amused Seattlites walked around us -- it was a great success.

We also made great progress on the rest of Bean preparations. I finished the "before you were born" section of Bean's baby book, all signed and dated in time (whew!). For the nursery, I repurposed a side table to use instead of a bookshelf, which will work just fine until we move in a few months. (Thank you HGTV for the word "repurposed," which makes it sound so much more glamorous than using an old table I salvaged from the mess in the garage.) We also put up the video baby monitor from my aunt, and DH hooked up the receiver to our new TV downstairs. Welcome to the 24-hour Bean Channel: all Bean, all the time. In high def where available. Take-out and delivery restaurants have been identified, and the dog is packed for her mini-vacation with DH's coworker. The final item on the list is the hospital bag for me and DH. While it's easy to decide which season of Family Guy DVDs to toss in the bag, I'm finding too much discrepancy in what else to pack. Nursing jammies or stick with the hospital gown (so the jammies don't get icky during recovery)? If I bring everything that's recommended by one source or another, I'll need three full-sized suitcases. Which goes against everyone's advice not to overpack. I give up.

I will leave you with this image, I hope it's clear enough to read. While stopped on the highway because of an accident up ahead, which added 20 minutes to our drive and turned out to be a very minor rear-end situation, DH and I were stuck behind this truck. For the laugh it gave us, I'd say the delay was worth it. I guess we're just that immature.

Oh, and you'll be happy to know that I purposely decided not to include a horrible pun with the pic (something about "getting behind" this cause). You're welcome.


xavier2001 said...

Ha! Love the sign, I wonder where you get those at!

As far as what to pack, I had a HUGE suitcase to take to the hospital, here's what I actually used. Toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, hairbrush, and socks. Yup, that's it, I even left wearing the same clothes I arrived in!!

lisawitt said...

Holy smokes, you are so close Christine! So if you go past your due date, how long will your doc let you go before inducing?

On the packing thing, toiletries, hair dryer, and going home outfit for me. I also wore my own jammies once I got back to my real room. A lot of that depends on how your labor goes (tears or c-section) but for me I was able to change into my own jammies by bedtime and that felt good to me. Oh, and your own pillow! Another creature comfort but it helped me! Everything else they will have or you wont really need!

So excited for you and to meet and find out Bean's real name! ;-)

Hollyween said...

Change of clothes, your own soap, and moiturizer. The most important thing is to bring a PILLOW and perhaps a boppy pillow too for nursing (if you're planning on doing that).

I'm DYING over here with the excitement of that baby coming!

Oh, and I love the bumper sticker. I should get it. Dh says I can't buy those Fiber One bars anymore A.k.A. Fart Bars. He said that if I loved him, I'd quit buying them. I'm sure you get the drift.

Kathy V said...

I am glad bean is still doin good. Sorry that he is not interested in the door though. That is probably the easiest way. I hope you are able to figure out what to pack.

Jen said...

You walked up that hill at Pike Place? I'm surprised you didn't give birth then and there!

If this continues though, you are going to start reminding me of my neighbor a few years ago. One day, nearly 2 weeks past her due date, I saw her walking their 2 dogs and trimming all the hedges. Prior to that, I'd hardly ever seen her outdoors before that!

Alisa Joyner said...

Ok, so I don't get how to do this blog thing, so I think I sent an e-mail instead. I'll re-comment here...Xavier2001 has it right - I left in the same clothes as well. Stick with the toiletries, although I did have a robe that covered my tush when guests were there and I found that handy. DEFINITELY do not forget your pillow - their's are plastic and if the flat hardness doesn't keep you up, the plastic sound it makes when you move your head 1/4 inch will! Good luck - looking forward to the first picture!

sarah said...

I agree with everyone. I packed way too much and didn't use much of anything besides my toiletries. I would bring slippers with good soles/ rubber or whatever. As for breastfeeding, if you have a BreastFriend or Boppy, I would have DH bring it with him later on. I found it hard to try and breastfeed in those beds without the additional help. Will DH spend the night with you or go home? He'll want to pack for himself too.