Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Easter 1982

In general, it's not polite to air the family's dirty laundry. But considering this controversy revolves around... well, laundry, basically... I hope it's not too upsetting for anyone involved.

With the discussion of layettes, matching socks, and kathy v's request for a visual of the Easter 1982 fiasco, my parents have willingly handed over a picture taken on the only day in my life that my dad dressed me. (I believe my mom was in the hospital after giving birth to my brother, which helps explain why they didn't have any more children after him.) Without further ado:

My dad emailed it to me this morning with this text:

"Two things I want to note in my defense.
1.) I dressed you for the Easter Bunny in an 'Easter Egg' color scheme, and
2.) It’s not like I bought those clothes for you; they were already in your wardrobe."

Perhaps my dad did feel that a pink "Big Sister" shirt, light blue corduroys, dark blue socks, and black patent leather shoes would make the perfect ensemble. Or perhaps he was passive-aggressively making a statement about the division of duties around the house (like the time my mom mowed the lawn in a "vacuum" pattern instead of in straight lines).

Either way, my mom has been the official fashion director of the household ever since. You'll have to decide for yourself how necessary you think that was. Personally, I think the Easter Bunny himself was scarier than my outfit. Yikes.


Motor City Grandma-to-Be said...

Dear Daughter,

As I expected, you have not taken sides. You are smart.

I will tell you this, to this day your father will be getting dressed and ask me "Can I wear this?". Often my answer is "Not if you want me to go with you". He then asks for my assistance. I rest my case.

John Holly Levi & Faith said...

Wow. That easter bunny is freakin' me out. Just look at the look on its face!!!

I see nothing wrong with your ensemble. Check out the pic of me on my post "101 things about me". Look at my pants carefully.

lisawitt said...

hahahaha, i love it. although in defense of your dad...its not THAT bad...and yes, the bunny it way scarier! Im sure bean will have some pics where he will also wonder, what were my parents thinking?

Kathy V said...

You look so cute in the picture. The Easter Bunny not so much. You are right it does kind of look scary. The outfit isn't too terrible. It could have been a worse combination. I was born in the seventies. I had orange and brown plaid pants that I wore (alot.) I guess fair is fair. I will dig out a picture for your viewing pleasure.