Thursday, February 7, 2008

One last peek

We had our final ultrasound today. Talk about anticlimactic! It made us miss our previous OB in St. Louis and his love affair with his 3D/4D ultrasound machine. So much effort to make this special appointment, meet with the tech and her magic wand, and get virtually no new information. The tech did say that the baby was head down (when I asked), just as we all suspected. Then she sent the images to our OB for interpretation, so we left with nothing but a grainy photo of Bean's... well, you can read her caption.

I had DH take some belly pics tonight, at 36.5 weeks. I don't think any of them really do justice to the baby mountain (formerly the baby bump), so I picked this one because the dog's in it. I love my dog.

I want to end by sending a prayer up for the families of the innocent people killed tonight at City Hall in Kirkwood, Missouri -- not far from where DH and I recently lived. Another unthinkable tragedy, my heart goes out to all of them.


Jen said...

Maybe the photos don't do it justice, but the belly does look pretty big to me! At least the rest of you doesn't look big along with it. You're in the home stretch now though!

xavier2001 said...

It looks like Bean is gonna be a boxer, I think it's a beautiful fist! Strange that she didn't give you one of his profile?? Stupid u/s tech!

And I love that belly, you are getting so close (and every time you think you are huge, please refer to my 37 week belly pic, you'll feel better instantly)!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Christine! You're belly has really grown since I last saw you. You look great and must be getting pretty excited to meet your new little man. I'm enjoying your blogs...they make me laugh.

John Holly Levi & Faith said...

That's a cute bely and so small!!

So funny your comment about the dog. For some reason it just makes me laugh!