Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Gem of a Toilet

What a busy Labor Day Weekend we had! Busy, but filled fun and several firsts.

We went to the mall on Saturday, my first time there since a recent expansion made it the largest shopping center in Washington. While there were some definite improvements, I was not exactly blown away. I will give kudos to the designers, however, for including an awesome family lounge. They have private nursing rooms with comfy chairs, footrests, and cable television in each one, as well as multiple changing stations, which came in handy for Bean's two -- count 'em two -- diaper blow-outs while we were there.

On Sunday, DH finished painting the downstairs bathroom. After we hang the towel racks, I will post a before-and-after. Seeing it done, I would have gone one shade darker, but it's a vast improvement to be sure. You know those popcorn-flavored jelly beans? The previous owner must have been a big fan, because she used them as the inspiration for the walls. Personally I find the popcorn flavor to be one of the weakest of the jelly bean family. One room redecorated, nine to go!

We also entered the world of solid foods. My plan to begin with avocado worked okay at first. Bean made all the appropriate "what is this stuff" faces while DH eagerly spooned the mush and I captured the event on video for posterity. Then we moved right into the next first: a real food puke, as Bean barfed up all the avocado on himself and daddy while I again captured the event on video for posterity. I thought it was pretty funny until DH handed the Bean to me so he could wash up, and I discovered that there was still some avocado in his tummy that needed to come out immediately. All over mommy.

Undeterred, we tried later with bananas. Fortunately, we were pleased to discover safe food #1. The pictures below are from day two of solids. As if dressing Bean in a Pistons jumpsuit wasn't enough, DH brought additional levity to the feeding by having a killer case of the hiccups, which Bean found utterly hilarious.

On day three, it occurred to me that we had a highchair in the closet. Now we are one of "those" people who have a highchair in the kitchen! (Maybe only another infertile can understand what joy the sight brings to me.) Anyway, you can tell he likes those 'nanners more every day.

Since we were on such a roll with those firsts, on Monday we went to Cougar Mountain for our maiden family hike. I was nervous about the whole outing, but when we pulled up to the parking area, there was a young family leaving the trail. I figured if a three year old and a five year old could handle it, I probably had a decent shot. They kindly showed us the 2.1 mile trail they followed, and we intended to take the same path. However, we took a wrong turn -- don't ask me why I was the one with the map -- and ended up cutting the route in half. We probably had walked farther through the mall on Saturday! But it felt like a 20 mile hike to me (there were HILLS) so I'm satisfied.

As you can see, Bean loves being outdoors. And loves wearing flannel, as a true Pacific Northwesterner would. We all enjoyed the fresh air and beautiful scenery. As we were arriving back at the parking lot, I saw yet another young family heading out, complete with a six year old girl sporting pink tights and a Barbie backpack. Okay, I get it, I'm a wuss! Before we left for the drive home, I really had to go to the bathroom. Luckily, there was one of these nearby.

So much for truth in advertising. (You were wondering when that would come in, weren't you?)


Jen said...

I haven't been to that mall since their expansion. (Well I did go to the Cheesecake factory in the parking lot, but that doesn't really count). Honestly, I'm too much of a bargain shopper to go there very much. I spend most of my shopping time at the Supermall since it's all outlet stores.

Sounds like a very adventurous weekend overall!

Hollyween said...

Okay. I have to say something:
Popcorn jellybellys are about the sickest, most disgusting thing on the planet. They should just call them 'vomit jellybeans' because seriously... that is what they taste like. PURE THROW UP! I actually find their flavor less than mild, as you described. I can taste them now just thinking about it.

Moving on...
Bean is cute. I love his old man hair and his bright shiny blue eyes. The hike looked fabulous. I miss Seattle. I really loved it there.

lisawitt said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend! And yay for starting solids. Some days Zach likes them and some times not so much.

He has the prettiest blue eyes and love that smile! :)

Kathy V said...

Bean is still cute! My sister tried sweet potatoes and squash at first with her daughter. Those two went over pretty well. So good luck with the foods.

Deb said...

Bean looks like he is gonna eat the entire bib - he knows full well there's more bananas on it! ;)

Kathy V said...

By the way I have a slightly less than gem of a toilet story. Stop over and see!