Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy (belated) blogoversary to me!

Well, I missed it. My own blog turned one on September 10, and I didn't even notice! Oh well, I didn't really have time to plan a party anyway. (No gifts, please.) It is fun to think about my life when I wrote my first post and how so much has changed in twelve months. The new adventures are exciting, but I am also grateful for the constants: my DH, my pooch, and you. Thanks for reading!
Down the hatch. Much to my surprise, I've been having trouble getting Bean to eat solid foods. Fresh bananas and Gerber jarred prunes earned rave reviews from the tough critic, but he barfed up his mashed up avocado, homemade carrot puree, natural applesauce, and rice cereal (with breastmilk). After making tons of carrot puree and discovering that the little man wouldn't touch it, I decided to purchase the Gerber jarred carrots to see his response. Drumroll please... he loves them. It looks like Bean already hates my cooking. Any surprise? Perhaps not. I guess he's just practicing for when it's time to eat table food.
Sleepy time. The nap situation is still not going well. Forget I even brought it up.
Old school. I mentioned in my previous post that Bean and I have joined a co-op preschool. It meets for two hours every Wednesday morning, and tomorrow is our first day. Obviously he's too young for any rigorous curriculum, but I am joining at the recommendation of someone in my mom's group who called the preschool a "lifesaver" when she had her first child. Classes for this age group are focused on providing support, parent education, and a social outlet for the moms while the kids interact and explore. There was an all-school orientation last week, and fortunately DH was able to come with us. As an introvert who gets nervous in large social settings where I don't know anyone (yes, I'm a blast at parties), I was a bit overwhelmed by the whole evening. Tomorrow Bean and I are on our own -- I hope I don't embarrass him.
Hello, my name is... I have a new addiction. Another mom showed me this web site, and I am obsessed. I just ordered a sling by Slinglings for $14.50 that normally sells for $36.95. Yee haw.
A random thought. I have quite a few friends who are currently engaged to marry or in serious relationships on the cusp of engagement. It makes me wonder what it would be like to meet and date DH as adults. It's difficult for me to imagine, especially because of the enormous effect we have undoubtedly had on one another over the past 12 years. Who knows what he or I would be like today without the influence of the other! With my mind on this topic, I asked him in the car the other day...
Me: "If we had just met and started dating today, how long do you think it'd be before you proposed to me?"
DH: "A year."
Me: "Really? Why a year?"
DH: "Because I think we should go through all four seasons first."
Me: "Huh."
DH: "And you're weird."
Me: "What?"
DH: "And you have a kid. I'm not sure I'm ready to take on that responsibility."
I have the sneaking suspicion that he was trying to teach me not to ask such questions. Either way, Bean looks just like DH, so I don't think we're going to have any paternity issues.

Talking on the phone with Grandma M.

Moving up to the big boy stroller!

Why do I love putting things on his head?

As a busy mom, I appreciate when one item can serve multiple purposes. This shopping cart seat cover doubles as a dog bed. (Notice the scar on poor Evey's back hip?)

"Mama didn't make this food? Sounds yummy!"

A bad hair day.


Kathy V said...

Love the bad hair day picture! I am sorry that Evey still has a scar from her entangle with the mean neighborhood dog.

Happy Blogoversary. I hope you have fun at the preschool and are able to make a few friends even though you are generally quiet and not fun at parties. Atleast you will have things in common being that you all will have kids in the same age group.

bbrsbaby said...

Happy belated blogoversray!! Sorry you are still having nap issues, hang in there, one day he will sleep (as I sit here with two non-napping babies playing upstairs). Love all the new pictures, keep em coming! Oh and on the carrots, I found that the twinnies liked them (and all the veggies) much better if I overcooked them to a state of serious mush, ick!

Grif Ziggy said...

Haha! Love that last picture!

lisawitt said...

OMG,the "mom's not cooking...I love this food" caption and picture totally cracked me up! Glad to hear solids are going a little better. And hey, gerber is still around for a reason! Its good! (I always taste the new ones first..and I agree with Z, the green beans are NOT good!)

Hope the preschool class goes good and so happy you are out there and meeting some other mommies!

Danny-boy is adorable as ALWAYS!

Kristin H said...

Happy blogoversy. It's been fun seeing all the pictures of Danny and hearing about your life this past year. Danny is adorable. I see so much of both of you in his little face.

The cooking thing cracked me up--just wait till he's a toddler. Let's see for dinner Kendall likes...hmmm...thinking, thinking, thinking...there must be something...oh yeah, peanut butter and jelly and taco's (by which I mean the sour cream and some of the cheese). Although, She ate everything when she was a baby--so maybe if Danny is picky now, he won't be when he is older :) You can hold out hope for that!