Sunday, January 4, 2009

All good things must come to an end

Ain't that the truth? Here are a few good things coming to an end right now...

Whose bringing home the bacon? Tonight is the last night of DH's holiday vacation. It's been wonderful being stay-at-home parents for the last two weeks, it really suits us. Neither one of us goes to work, but the paycheck comes anyway. Seriously brilliant. We'll be spending this evening the same way we've spent most of the rest, curled up on the couch watching our latest cinematic delivery (this time it's Ghost Town). To make the night extra special, I picked up some Red Vines licorice and tiramisu-flavored creamer for our coffee when I was at the grocery store. Let's go out with a bang, I say.

Good boy. Overall, I think Bean has a fairly average temperament. He is usually happy and always on the go; interspersed with some grumpy, whiny, and clingy moments when he's tired or sick or just wants to drive me crazy. When we are in public, though, we have been lucky that he never displays the ornery side of his personality. At a restaurant a couple of months ago, the waitress serving the section next to ours made a point to come to our table and remarked that Bean was the best behaved baby she'd ever seen in their establishment. When I was getting my teeth cleaned and DH waited with Bean in the dentist office lobby, the receptionist came back to tell me I should have ten kids because Bean was so good. The owner of the teriyaki restaurant we keep in business sometimes patronize calls him "The Angel" -- in Japanese no less! I'm not sure what I did to deserve this bit of luck, but karma has turned and it seems to be over. Yesterday at Target, he let it loose. He wanted something and I couldn't tell what it was (my best guess is that he wanted his feet on the ground and his hands pushing the cart handle bar, a physical impossibility for someone barely over two feet tall). It wasn't the frustrated, angry screams themselves that concerned me, because I simply went outside while DH stayed to pay for our stuff. It was the fact that Bean had decided it was perfectly acceptable to throw a tantrum in the store, something which had not worried me in the past when the two of us have been out without DH, but now will make me paranoid every time I leave the house. I dread the day I have to abort a grocery trip because he is unruly, but I know it will happen. Yesterday was the death of my dream -- however unrealistic -- that my child would remain angelic, at least in public, until he left home. Damn.

Breaking Dawn. Yes, I have finally finished the "Twilight" series. Whew! That last book was intense and long. I found it mostly super creepy (that kid! shiver!), and then I was freaking out during the fantastic suspense building for the big ending, and then... eh. Sure. Whatever. Just as with the previous books, I was totally obsessed and annoyed at the same time. The author leaves some threads open for the future, and I both eagerly anticipate and rue the day she pens the next novel. Luckily I'm a woman and these conflicting emotions don't bother me.

But even as these happy things come to an end, I have some others to look forward to. Our calendar is full this week, starting with a coffee/playdate with Jen and Jillian tomorrow morning. This way I won't be sitting around feeling sorry for myself that DH has to go to work while I stay home alone with the baby. (Oh, life is so unfair!) We are also back to preschool this week, and my two mom's groups have the first meetings of the year. Not least of all, Monday also starts a new month of Bean's life. I can only wonder what delusion will be shattered for me next. Don't tell me he'll get a bump or scrape one day. I don't do blood!


Kristina P. said...

Red Vines huh? You guys really live life on the edge!!

lisawitt said...

hahaha, ahhh...bumps and bruises, just wait! zachary looks like frankenstein with all his bruises all over his poor face! the kid is FEARLESS!

as for your DH headed back to work....I can kinda relate! after being off for almost 2 weeks, I am dreading going back to work tomorrow and missing my baby! WAH! :(

enjoy all your play dates and meetings coming up, they sound fun!! And Happy 2009! Cant wait to hear what bean will be up to this year!

bbrsbaby said...

Sounds like you are busier now that when you were working!! Fun, fun!

I think Bean's behavior in Target was just a fluke, at least tell yourself that!!

And I about died the first time that Drew got a black eye, now as long as neither twinnie is bleeding its business as usual!!

Coffeegrl said...

I echo the Red Vines comment. Can't remember the last time we watched a movie with snacks! Sounds like an awesome plan.

As for the tantrums and ornery daughter is 11 months old - soon to be one year and I'm dreading the potential battle of wills. I'm sure it won't be long before I'm pining for the good old days. Needless to say, I've invested in Dr. Karp's "Happiest Toddler on the Block" as a start. I'll be doing some pre-emptive reading to try to minimize the upset to all parties!

Enjoy the start of 2009 - sounds like you'll be busy busy!

Michelle said...

I hope you enjoyed your last evening as stay at home parents together. It sounds like a nice night.

Bumps and bruises...nah I am sure he won't get any, boys never do...LOL

Enjoy your play dates.

Soxy Deb said...

Red Vines AND Tiramisu flavored creamer? Woot-Woot!! Party at Cj's house!!

Don't let the tantrums worry you too much, if you do you will have a long few years ahead of you. Easier said than done I know, but just remember, ALL KIDS DO IT. I don't care what others may say. All kids like to show their butts in the store from time to time. Sometimes literally...

Happy New Year!

Jen said...

There is Tiramisu flavored creamer out there??? Just as soon as I've finished my white chocolate macadamia nut creamer I'm on it. Now if only they would make creamer just as yummy with 0 calories. *sigh*

Bean is usually very well behaved in public. I can attest to that. I say don't worry about the future temper tantrums and poor behavior in public. It seems like the other parents at the grocery store don't care as they carelessly allow their destructive offspring to run loose. Oh how I hate grocery shopping.