Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rice Krispies treat

In preschool this morning, Teacher S. had a table filled with Rice Krispies for the kids to play with. Bean *loved* it and consumed more of them than all the other kids combined. I think he was trying to make me look bad for always asking the other moms for suggestions on how to get him to eat.

Step one: A little exploration... push them around with fingers.

Step two: The first taste. Better than floor lint.

Step three: Continuously shove them into mouth for 20 minutes. Plaster some to face, hands, and shirt for future snacking.

Step four: Assist with clean-up by eating errant puffs off the ground.

Next week the table will be filled with water. We'll strip the kids down to their diapers and let them go to town. Hopefully I'll get some good pictures of that!
I thought it was cute that he crawled to this toy among the preschool's collection, which is one that DH had and adored as a child. When Bean first met Happy Apple six months ago and 2200 miles away, he was less than impressed.

Finally, I recently tried to capture Bean's fist-waving dictator persona using the video capability on my regular camera. He wouldn't cooperate, getting calm and quiet whenever I'd point the lens at him. Such is life with a budding toddler. Nevertheless, here he is, doing nothing interesting whatsoever. (And for the record, we have since lowered the crib so he can't hurl himself over the edge. You can hang up with Child Protective Services now.)


Kristina P. said...

What a great idea! Just add some marshmallows and butter and you're good to go!

Soxy Deb said...

There ya go. Rice Krispie Treats 24/7. Sounds good, I'll be right there.

Coffeegrl said...

Man! Rice Krispies in the sand box?! How cool.

Michelle said...

That is a great idea. Kids always seem to do that. My sister will tell me one of my nephews are doing something and then they do the complete opposite when I am around. LOL.