Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Zoom zoom

DH made it back safely, and double good news, his boss agreed that DH did not need to travel to a meeting back east this week. Whew, that was close! He's still working very long hours at the moment, but at least I get to snuggle with him at the end of the day. As much as I love spending the day with Bean, I just don't feel complete unless DH is home for dinner (even if it's 8 pm).

We did go shopping for DH's commuter car on Saturday, and what do you know, we made a purchase our first day out! After spending several months researching reliability, safety, gas mileage, and cost, DH selected a used Mazda3 to test drive that day. He even brought his clipboard with inspection checklist -- which the sales manager said was a first. Apparently he hasn't sold to many engineers. When we sat down to negotiate, we discovered that between our employee family discount (my Grandpa retired from the applicable one of the Big Three), bonus cash, and ridiculously low interest rates offered only on 2009 models, it was actually less expensive to by a brand new one than any decent used one. Needless to say, DH is now zooming to work in his new wheels. And Bean, for his part, was a tough negotiator. His first tactic was to use his utter cuteness to totally distract our salesperson, who was about 25 with two young daughters of her own. His second was to pretend he wasn't interested by falling asleep in my arms for about 30 minutes of the six hour process (yes, I said SIX HOURS!). Third, he expertly used silence to his advantage, uttering almost nothing the entire time except a few authoritative declarations complete with fist waving. I'm thinking perhaps a future lawyer, but DH sees him as a dictator, standing on a balcony and bellowing to the masses below. Not an evil dictator, though. Most likely.

I did get one unpleasant surprise on Saturday, however. When the finance manager ran our credit, turns out our scores are 40-50 points higher than I told Suze. DOH! What an idiotic mistake! How often do you get a chance to chat with Suze about your credit, and I am too lazy and cheap to spend money on an updated credit report! (I used the scores that our mortgage lender pulled last spring when we were buying the house. I thought they'd be the same.) It wouldn't have made a difference in her answer, and maybe it's just foolish pride. But I'm so mad I could just spit. Grrrrrr!

Anyway, after the excitement of the car purchase, it's been a low-key couple of days. Sunday was our typical chore day (laundry, grocery shopping, wash the pooch). On Monday, Bean and I just kicked around la casa. Today was stroller skating with the MOMS Club. But even though our calendar has been rather stagnant, that doesn't mean Bean has been. He's been cruising around the furniture, crawling into our closest to eat lint off the floor, walking with help from mom and dad, babbling up a storm ("dat"/"det"/"dit"), teething his top front teeth, and dancing to the banjo music on his activity table. He has also started to recognize more sign language. DH taught him "light" (or what DH thought was "light" based on the picture *ahem*). When you do the sign, Bean will immediately look at the light fixture in the room, his mouth slowly curving into a tiny little smile as he awaits your celebration.

There are two issues I'm struggling with now, advice and opinions appreciated. It's a prime example of be careful what you wish for. First, now that I have an awesome napper (10 am and 2 pm daily), it has become very hard to attend functions with the mom's groups. He already misses his morning nap on Wednesdays for preschool. On other days, almost all the events start at 10 am. I love that he naps well, but then we don't get to do any of the fun activities and make friends with other families. I woke him up for stroller skating today, and I've felt guilty ever since. A no-win, it feels like. I'm looking forward to that transition to one nap, but it's months away, I think.

Second, he's started getting into more finger foods, yeah! But this is so far limited to string cheese, Gerber puffs, and Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers (he's apparently weight conscious, which explains why he's only in the 10th percentile). I've tried a few other things, and usually I'll get a few bites out of him, then the rest gets thrown over the side of the high chair for the dog. I want to step it up, but I'm not keen on spending a half hour making a real meal for him that just ends up in doggy deposits on our lawn. And I can't just give him a portion of our dinner, because Bean eats at 5 pm, at least an hour before DH and I are ready. Once again, I'm shocked at how hard it is to feed this little creature.

And finally, because I get scolded when I don't post them, pictures of Bean.

It's fun to cruise around the house and destroy explore things... pants optional.


Kristina P. said...

I have no advice on the napping, but I know how he feels! I love my naps.

And snuggling at the day is what I look forward to. I hate when my husband is gone.

Anonymous said...

Yipee for a new car and lots of pictures, don't you think scold is a rather harsh word ;) I can't belive he is cruising already, he's gonna be an early walker and then you better watch out!!

As far as the naps, I've always been in the skip the activities to preserve the schedule camp but I think that having twinnies influences that b/c I can' bear the thought of two sets of crankies. I think you just have to pick and choose what you go to so you can get out but avoid the overtired state, its a fine line. Life does get easier once you get to one nap. Sorry that probably wasn't helpful at all.

And as far as food, the twinnies loved (and still love) all things pasta, I used to buy the small shells at the store and mix them with pasta sauce (meat or meatless) and they gobbled them up. I would cook the whole box, mix in the sauce and then freeze in little containers so I could easily pop one out of the freezer for a quick meal. Diced canned fruit, bananas, blueberries (cut in half for Bean's stage), frozen green beans and peas, cheerios, goldfish crackers (they make 'baby' ones that are smaller) were all easy standbys. I often used the previous nights leftovers too b/c we were in the same situation of eating after the twinnies went to bed. I just kept offering even if they didn't eat it and eventually they started eating more than they threw (although they still throw things).

Jen said...

I'm with you that Bean wouldn't be an evil dictator. He's way to cute for that.

Michelle said...

Glad to hear you DH does not have to go on another trip. It is always a nice thing to find out your credit score is higher then you think (although mine is usually the opposite). It usually is a lot cheaper to get a new car which seems very weird. wow he was so good for you at the car dealership. That is AWESOME. He is just to cute!

Anonymous said...

Aunt Lynn here....I am an official lurker. I love your website. Thank you so much for sharing so much of your life. Danny's pictures are adorable, and the commentary is the BEST! You must be doing everything right because Danny looks so happy. I can't believe he'll be a year old soon. Hugs and kisses to all of you!

Anonymous said...

Are you open to changing the nap times? I know it has been tough to get the naps down in the first place, though. I am not sure if this is helpful, but when working on new sleep schedules with my kids we start in 15-minute intervals and after a couple days go to the next 15-min. interval. Just a thought.

And for food I buy frozen veggies and just thaw/defrost and then warm them. They make GREAT finger food, particularly the peas and corn because they don't need to be cut. It is so cheap, too because it takes a good month go get through a whole bag. Also, turkey dogs are great if you slice them thinly and then quarter those slices. You could also try half of a grilled cheese sandwich on whole grain bread torn into pieces. I'm not sure if this helps, but good luck!

Soxy Deb said...

Wow! Anon had some great ideas - about the naps and the eating.
I was just gonna come in and say cute pics and now I feel inadequate. But...

Great pics.

Kristin said...

Bean is so cute! I know what you mean about the naps. I went through that with Kendall, loving the naps but feeling trapped at home. I figured she needs sleep to grow and learn so that had to be the priority. Usually they start switching about one--so you're not that far away.

Also, on the eating---Kendall only liked to eat when we were eating dinner. Food was much more enticing when we were eating it. When possible we switched to the eat at 5 schedule. Otherwise, I put her in the high chair and give her snacks while I was cooking dinner and then she would eat with us at a later time. Plus, the more they aquire a taste for adult fare the easier it is later---believe me--once they hit the toddler stage their mouth is closed (at least temporarily to unexplored foods).

The best tip I ever got on eating--was let them dip. My kids will eat almost anything, they can dip in something--ketchup, guac, sour cream, yogurt, fruit puree, refried beans, marinera, etc...It's messy but it works.

Kendall lived on these chicken and apple meatballs I would make and freeze. If you want the recipe, let me know and I'll email you. They kind of have the sweet and savory thing that babies like--plus they like meatballs.

If he'll drink out of a straw--you can do fruit smoothies with yogurt.

Congrats on the new car!

lisawitt said...

Sounds like a lot of good advice on the napping! Have you tried to go to one of the events and push back the nap? Maybe not all the time but occassionally. I live by the "play by ear" method so I obviously wouldnt wake him up, but sometimes he will go to a short event and then take one BIG nap! :)

We are working on the finger foods too. Ive heard it said before that you may have to introduce things 15 times before they like it. And I agree with what Kristen says, Z likes to eat when we eat. We have been going to lunch after church and he has tried and eaten chicken fingers and cheese quesadillas now! :) We tried the whole wheat frozen eggos too and he liked those as well.

Congrats on the new car too!!