Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Yet another reason Seattle rocks

Nothing too exciting happening around here lately, just normal life stuff. I turned in my lease car on Saturday *sniff sniff* so now we are back down to two. (Yes, DH is driving the new car and I'm driving his old car. But it's one of my favorite things so I don't really mind.) I have been struggling to get a second opinion on some tooth pain, and I'm gearing up to leave a bad review for our current dentist on every single rating site I can find online. DH is in the process of shopping around for some insurance, and as I am the lucky one who is home during the day, I had a lovely chat with three different, but equally enthusiastic, insurance salesmen. I experienced a minor heart attack when a bird flew into my front window and knocked itself unconscious. (Fortunately it eventually recovered and flew away.) When I was at the grocery store picking up a few things, the clerk gave me an obvious once over and then asked if I had any food stamps to use. I introduced a new breakfast to Bean -- waffles -- which he proceeded to eat, one bite approximately every 4 minutes. It took 7 hours for him to finish. (Okay, not really. But we are still easing into this real food thing.)

Wow, that all sounded really negative! But actually the past few days haven't been bad. My mom found cute decorations and supplies for Bean's first birthday party. And I have our first confirmed guests, Bean's former babysitter and her daughter and nephew. I discovered chocolate eclair flavored coffee creamer, which is so good it doesn't even matter that I use the store brand decaf instant coffee with it. And today we met DH for lunch and then Bean and I hit the mall. I finished a gift I was compiling for a preggo friend of ours. High five!

Speaking of good things, by now you've probably picked up on the fact that I absolutely love Seattle. It's super duper awesome. And I'm not the only one who thinks so! It seems that every time I read an article about the "best cities for this" and the "top cities for that," Seattle is somewhere on the list. Healthiest residents. Best recreation. Most literate. Breastfeeding friendly. Most caffeinated. Dog friendly. Most wired. Most desirable. Sure, it is also one of the cloudiest and most liberal cities, but hey, no place is perfect. (I kid. Some of my best friends are liberals!) Anyway, what I am most grateful for this week is the King County Library System. Fah-bu-lous. I was able to request my book online, receive an email that it arrived at my local branch, go over to the hold shelf to retrieve it myself, and use the self-checkout. So I didn't have to actually face another human being during the entire process of obtaining a book called A Hunger Like No Other. It's like using Amazon.com, but it's free! Back at our St. Louis library branch, I would have to ask a librarian to get the book for me from the hold shelf, which was behind their desk. Although I give them credit, they never batted an eye when I checked out books like So You Think You Have Multiple Personalities for school research. (Yes, it totally was for school research! Come on now.)

And the pics...

Bean cruises the furniture while Evey enjoys a well-earned snooze.

He loves to practice standing on his own, he's up to 3 seconds now.

Playing outside with Daddy and Evey.

He plays "smacka smacka" with the leaves. (It's easier if you take one glove off first.)

The leaves inside are fun, too!

Life is tough when you are cutting your top two teeth.

The pooch patiently waits her turn.


Jen said...

Seattle is a pretty great place, but of course I'm biased. I think the most caffeinated ties into the whole most cloudy thing though. God knows I need like 10 cups of coffee to stay awake today and that has nothing to do with Jillian's sleep habits.

I'm totally with you on the KCLS. Best library system in the country I've heard.

Jen said...

Oh and breastfeeding during your house signing totally tops Jillian and her bottle. Totally.

Kristina P. said...

I'm sure the birthday party will be awesome!

Soxy Deb said...

Go Bean, It's almost your birthday!! Party like it's almost your birthday!!

When your ready to come clean about the Multiple Personalties, you too can post on the anonymous blog (lol).

Michelle said...

Seattle sounds like a great place. I would like to visit there someday. We here in Michigan get a lot of awards too but it is usually for the exact opposite of Seattle. LOL.

Yay for the Birthday party. Sounds like it is going to be great! I can't wait to hear all about it!

Coffeegrl said...

Can I just add a plug for the Seattle Public Library as well (should you live anywhere near there that is). I know lots of FABULOUS KCLS librarians, but there are some wonderful (*coughs* raising hand) librarians there as well. Okay, I'm not technically there at the moment, since they wouldn't let me work from Osaka but I loved it when I was there and would love to go back to work for them. Also, I miss that coffee!! So glad you're enjoying your new home. As a resident for the last 8 years, anytime you need tips on the city drop me a line and maybe I can help. I make no promises, but you never know. :)

momofonefornow said...

Could he be any cuter? I don't hink so!

Thanks for the comment over on my blog. I swear I thought the same thing. That no doc would do that. Then, I read this quote, "Angela Suleman, her mother, disclosed to the LA Times today that her daughter had embryos implanted last year and "they all happened to take". Despite doctors giving her an opportunity to selectively reduce the number, she refused."

I can't imagine how a doctor can feel good about doing that. How does he/she sleep at night. Plus, can you imagine having 8 babies at once. I love my bean but 8 of them would have put me right over the edge!

lisawitt said...

whatever happened with the suze orman show?? did i miss it after it wasnt on the first show you had told us about?

Also, keeping thinking about you and bean and eating cause we are hvaing similar issues with Z. He eats table food when we are out to eat, he eats lunch at school...but he wont eat anything but cheese slices and baby food at home for dinner! any tips that are working in your house?!?!